The Diet from Hell

The first time in my life that I ever had to diet, I was 28 years old.   I’d always been a thin person but woke up one day to realize that I had gotten fat!   I had been in a miserable marriage and the truth of the matter was that the only thing I was living for was my next meal.   All of a sudden, I realized that it was time to make some changes….so I lost the weight, lost the husband, and moved to Boston!

I don’t recommend the diet plan that I used, but it worked.  It was one of those fad diet things that circulate around.   For six weeks, I spent four days of those weeks eating a lot of grapefruit and boiled eggs.   On the days off, I snarfed whatever I wanted.   It was around this time of year because as I recall, I would buy a box of Girl Scout cookies and leave them on the counter with a note that said “Midnight Thursday.”   I’d diet like crazy Monday through Thursday and those cookies were my reward to myself.   I joined a gym and worked out like mad!   In six weeks, I’d lost 30 pounds and was back to my normal size 3.    The weight stayed off for about 10 years but that was mostly because I stayed active.   Once I went back to my couch potato ways, the weight started creeping back.

This diet does not teach you anything about nutrition, healthy eating or lifestyle.   It’s a quick fix.  It worked for me once but I’ve never been able to face it again!   Now that I’m turning 49, I think it’s time to get a little more serious!

Diet from Hell

Breakfast daily:  1/2 grapefruit, unsweetened coffee or tea

Lunches:  Day 1: 2 boiled eggs, green beans, grapefruit,   Day 2: 2 boiled eggs, green beans, spinach, cauliflower, apple, Day 3: lettuce, tuna canned in water, tomato, Day 4: 2 boiled eggs, green beans

Dinners:  Day 1: steak, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, apple    Day 2: hamburger patty, lettuce, tomato juice, 1/4 cup natural applesauce  Day 3: (the day from Hell for me!) baked boneless, skinless chicken breast, stewed tomatoes, 6 oz prune juice,  Day 4:  steak, lettuce, fresh pineapple

Salt and pepper are the only spices allowed.  No substitutions to the diet.   No diet soda, artificial sweeteners, no gum, no alcohol.  120x240_start_button_weilNothing that is not specified on the diet is allowed.

4 days on three days off.

Please talk to your doctor before trying this or any other diet to address any health concerns!

Good luck! I guarantee that it won’t take long till you can’t face a boiled egg again!

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