Sensa aka “The Sprinkle Diet”

The weight loss supplement known as Sensa or “the sprinkle diet” is fairly popular because of its claims to be easy to use–just sprinkle it on your food instead of taking pills.   You have a shaker for salty food and a shaker for sweet.  According to Sensa’s website, once you sprinkle the product on the food, you begin to eat. Sensa sends a signal to your brain that you’re full and you will not eat too much. Some experts recommend 7 shakes per meal, but dosing varies based on desired results and tastes. Sensa’s website is very informative and helps you learn all about the product and how it works, including information on testing that has been done on men and women to prove the effectiveness of the product. According to their site, people generally were observed to have lost an average of 30.5 pounds within just 6 months of using this product. I, however, lost 0 pounds and 0 ounces. It had absolutely no effect on me.

For me, it did not trigger the sensation of being full, just slightly altered the flavor of my food.   One of my objections about this type of diet plan is the “automatic renewal.”   Rather than ordering when you need it, you’re put on an automatic monthly plan.   The shakers will keep coming till you call them and go through the inevitable sales pitches to get you to try to keep it.   Then there’s the hassle of returning the product.  It’s been my experience that the time consumed and the cost of returning the product isn’t worth going to the effort of taking them up on the guarantees.   My guess is that this type of plan counts on people like me.  To be fair, Sensa does have a 60 day guarantee.   I’m very sure that they would honor it.

There are a lot of questions and controversies surrounding the effectiveness of this product.  Another drawback is that this plan does not teach you how to alter your lifestyle and habits.   You learn nothing from it.   My opinion is that this is just another plan that we all truly wish would be our easy solution–but just another plan that isn’t.

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