My Diary While on HCG Diet

I have a love/hate relationship with the HCG diet.  It works if you follow it properly but it is really not healthy–nor is it easy!  This is the diary I kept while on it…

Day 1:  Start: 159 pounds. Today was a “loading day.”  I was supposed to eat a lot of fatty foods.  Okay by me but I was not feeling very hungry!   But, I had a big chocolate malt and it was sooo good!

Day 2:   I don’t think I’m going to load today.   I don’t want the food anyway.  They say you might get headaches if you don’t but I just don’t feel like eating.

Day 3:  Today, I started on the 500 calorie diet.  Easy!   I can’t believe I wasn’t hungry at all!  :-)

Day 4: Down two pounds from yesterday.  Now 158.   More 500 calorie diet.  Still easy.  I’m loving this!

Day 5:  Down two more pounds!   156.  Minor headache today but nothing too bad.

Day 6:  Down two pounds  to 154!.   This diet rules!   I’m feeling pretty good.

Day 7:   Down 1 1/2 pounds to 152 1/2.     Serious headache today.  :?

Day 8: Down 1 1/2 pounds  to 150 .   Another headache from hell.  I should have loaded on that second day.

Day 9:  Down 1 pound to 149.   I broke the 150 mark!  Life is great!  No headache today, thank God.   Still, it’s worth it to see the results like this!

Day 10:  Down 1  pounds to 148!!

Day 11: Down 1  1/2 pound to 146 1/2 this morning.   Went out with the girls tonight and I wanted to eat sooo bad!  It sucked to sit there drinking water!   Glad we’re leaving for our Florida house tomorrow so I can just stay home and not be tempted.

Day 12:  Down 1  pound to 145 1/2  this morning.   Had the flight to FL.  Not tempted..yeah right!   I was starving on the plane and ended up cheating a little bit.

Day 13:  No loss today.   That cheat yesterday wasn’t worth it!  :-(

Day 14:    Down 1/2 pound to 145.   I am so sick of eating chicken!  I hate chicken!   But I hate fish more so I guess I’m stuck with chicken.

Day 15:  Down 1 pound to 144.  I’ve lost more than a dress size so I feel a little better about starving and being bored!

Day 16:  Down 1 pound.  143  Jim wants to invite the neighbors over tomorrow for dinner.    I guess I’ll serve steak so I’ll (sort of ) be eating the same thing as everyone else.

Day 17:  Down 1/2 pound.  142 1/2   I’m starting to feel sort of blah and weak.   Dinner with neighbors tonight.  Hope I can keep my resolve.

Day 18:  I was good last night (although I really wanted to attack someone for their potato)  but only lost 1/2 pound.   Loss seems to be slowing.  Starving to death!   I’m starting to get hungry again.   Guess I need to up my dose of drops.

Day 19:  1/2 pound.   141 1/2  Wish I’d lose more.  I had hoped to be below 140 by now.   I think I’ll do 40 days instead of 23 on this.  Maybe.   If I can stand it!  I’m kind of miserable.

Day 20:  1/2 pound to 141.  The idea of 18 more days is starting to frighten me.   I want something else to eat so badly!   I have a headache.  I’m weak and I hate the world.   I really want to kill someone…and then eat them!

Day 21:  1/2 pound to 140 1/2    If I’m only going to do 23 days, this should be my last day of the drops.  I don’t know!   I feel like Hell.  The loss has been great but it’s been hard on me.

Day 22:  1/2 pound to 140!    I’m going to be strong and stay on.  I’m about to break down under 140.   If I could get down to 130 I’d be the happiest person on the planet.   But I really am starting to feel awfully weak and crabby.

Day 23: No loss!   8-O   I was soo looking forward to being under 140.  That’s disappointing.   Bit Jim’s head off this morning.   I am emotionally a wreck and I feel really rotten!

Day 24:  No loss!  WTF!!  I’m stuck at 140?

Day 25:  What?   140 AGAIN?  *&^%^%$#@   Jim is begging me to quit this because I’m such a grouch!  Well, that’s the nice word for it.  Going back home tomorrow.

Day 26:  140.   &**&^%$#@!!  Why can’t I break 140?  This is really pissing me off!   :-x

Day 27:  140.   F*** this!   I’m going to quit the drops and be done in a couple of days.

Day 28: 140   No drops today.    Without the drops, I’m starving!   Not that I wasn’t pretty hungry before, but I’m STARVING today!

Day 29:  This should have been my last day of the 500 cal diet but I couldn’t take it anymore!   I had to eat so I started doing some of the maintenance.

Day 30:  Up 1/2 pound.   I guess I still had HCG in my system.   Maintenance is really boring and I’m so sick of this food!   I’d kill for a piece of cheese.

Day 31:  I ate normally today.   Just couldn’t take any more!

Day 32:  Up 1/2 pound this morning.   Still couldn’t stand it so I ate regular food again.   Surely by now the HCG is out of my system and I won’t gain any more..

And so it went….until I gained back to 148.       Every time I’m tempted to try it again, I look back at this and see how bored I was and how hungry, grouchy and weak I was at the end of it.  I still ended up 10 pounds down so it was a win on some level but it was a hard-earned 10 pounds!

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