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by Angela D.

I want to share something here with you about losing weight and the fact that people do struggle and it’s ok, you just have to dust yourself off and get right back up and keep on truckin’…

A few years ago I realized that I coudn’t keep blaming the fact that I was overweight from my pregnancies. My story was that it was “baby weight”…hahaha…seriously though, Haley was 9 months old when I became pregnant with Jack and I had such awful times with the both of them being on bed rest for most of both pregnancies that I just got used to saying the story over and over again. I was a size 5 when I got pregnant with Haley, lost some of the weight from her getting down to a size 10 and then BAM pregnant with Jack and blew up like a house! It was awful…but enough with the excuses already right?

Anyway, I used that story up until they were 8 and 9 (they’re 12 & soon to be 11 now) and then in the middle of the story I stopped short and said “Oh my gawd…I seriously can’t use them as an excuse as to why I’m overweight anymore! I need to get off my ars!”  Of course I may have thrown in a few choice words here and there, but you get the jist of it right? Which brings me to the next part…

Everytime I tried to lose weight in the past something came up or I didn’t stick to it, mostly I’d get discouraged because I wasn’t getting to my “goal” weight fast enough. Plus I had the “age” excuse on my side now…especially after I turned *clears throat* 40! In other words…it’s been a struggle! I’d lose 5 pounds, then I’d gain it back and I really did yo-yo A LOT! When I finally couldn’t squeeze into my jeans anymore and I had to go up 1 more size which was discouraging to say the least, I started dieting again and got back down to being comfortable in my “fat jeans” yeah, who wants to say that?

I finally decided that hey, this is me and I’m fine the way I am and I love food so I’m just going to enjoy life, eat, drink and be merry. That was until all the Facebook pictures started popping up of me and all my chins! UHG!!! There’s NOTHING worse than pictures of you looking your worst being posted for all the world to see. Not flattering at all and what kind of friend posts your most awful pics out there for all of cyber world to see? If I wouldn’t post the pic myself, please don’t post it for me, I think I’m pretty good at keeping that motto myself : )

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Back on track…I never make resolutions for New Years…they never stick but what the hell was happening to my ass? I could enter a room and it would follow me in at some point and time…maybe that’s why people always thought I was late…maybe my ass hadn’t finished entering the room? I don’t know, “butt” (ha…ha…) I didn’t like it and I felt like crap! So this year, I made a resolution, I was losing weight! The first part of this year has been one thing after another, I’ve been running around like crazy, no time to eat right never mind diet or exercise! Yep, there’s those pesky excuses again.

I tried running, walking, dieting so on and so forth and finally I just said that’s it, I’m going to lose the weight and I don’t care how long it takes me! In other words I lied to myself, of course I care how long it takes me!!! But I had to start somewhere.

And this is how I got started…I wasn’t going to look at the “total” amount of weight that I wanted to lose, I decided to set small goals like 2 lbs., 5 lbs, 10 lbs., I really stayed between the 2 & 5 pound mark, it was easier than saying I’d lose 10. I started putting my meals on smaller plates, I have always been a good eater so using a regular sized plate and going back for seconds even though I was full was a bad habit! It took me a while to get used to the fact that I was using a smaller plate, the food tends to slide off the sides, I found that’s a sign of too much food on the plate and I walked almost everyday.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a while to do this and I haven’t been extremely strict in my dieting or walking especially lately, it being summer and me running around entertaining kids, having a cooler packed with goodies and snacks galore because I just have to make sure they’re happy! Translation…I have to have my snacks too! I do love chocolate as well, so I found some things that have “splenda” in them and I also buy “reduced fat” products to munch on but I try to stay with “all natural” things…which brings me to some issues…

Issue #1: “Aspartame”~ I can not eat or drink anything with “aspartame” in it…neither should you! Look it up, it doesn’t help you lose weight, it actually hinders the process and is extremely harmful to your body. Anyway, it gives me headaches, bad ones and I have a whole long story to share one day with you all about what happened to me after I stopped eating and drinking stuff with that in it…short version…I ended up in the hospital and I do believe “aspartame” was the reason why because they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Hey, they even did and MRI and a CATSCAN and yes, I do have a brain! WHEW!!!

Issue #2: Did you know that margarine is 1 molecule away from being plastic? I decided after I heard that, I’d switch back to real butter oh and real cream cheese too! I don’t eat a lot of it so I figured if I’m going to eat it, I should get to indulge! However, since my gallbladder operation, I can’t eat “real” mayo, I have to eat the reduced fat kind and that’s ok with me. I also can’t eat a lot of things that are high in fat, so I’m sure that has helped me along the way.

So finally,finally, finally, I started losing the weight…it is definitely coming off slowly and that’s good because slow and steady wins the race. Most importantly I went to the Dr’s and I so didn’t want him to do my blood work because the last time he did it was awful, he was considering putting me on medication for my high cholesterol! YIKES! I hate taking meds so I said “Nooooooo, I’ll try doing it without meds first” he kind of chuckled and said “ok but if it’s not better soon, I’m putting you on the medication”. Keep reading and you’ll find out my Dr’s results ; )

Also, I think that it’s important to remember that you didn’t put the weight on in 4 weeks, you shouldn’t expect to take the weight off in 4 weeks…a little at a time for a much more succesful goal…a healthier you! And remember that diets only work if you think long term…the slower the weight comes off the longer you will keep it off.

So here it is, I have been “aspartame” free for 4 years, I have been using real butter and cream cheese for years, I just had my gallbladder out last November so if I can’t eat it, I don’t…anyone who has had theirs out knows what I’m talking about and I eat very little fast food and when I do, I get something that’s not too big. Sometimes I even get a kids meal because honestly, once you start eating on a smaller plate, you’ll see that your body is full and you’ll know what makes you full. With the kids back in school now, I am going to start with my walking once again and who knows, maybe I’ll work back up to jogging. It’s good for me and I like it. I used to love the gym, but I’m just not that in love with being in a windowless room with a bunch of other poeple who are either sweating profusely or are all dolled up hanging out by the water bubbler ; )

My final results from the Dr. TAHDAH…my cholesterol is PERFECT and as of today, I have lost a total of 23 pounds. I still have weight to lose but I’m going to do it slowly and the right way because I want to be healthy and feel good. Please remember, don’t get discouraged…if you make one mistake during the day don’t worry about it, just don’t keep making the mistake for the rest of the day or give yourself a break and make the mistakes for the day but don’t do it for the rest of the week. I always have a “cheat” day and if I want some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream I have some but I don’t eat the whole pint anymore I don’t even eat 1/2 the pint! LOL Well, ok, sometimes I eat 1/2 but I won’t do it again in the same week which was always a problem for me because it’s sooooooo yummy!

Anyway, I hope all of you who are struggling to lose weight know that it can be done, just don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t deprive yourself of the foods you like, just don’t eat them as often and don’t indulge so much that you feel like you’re going to explode after eating. Pay attention because once you think you’re full guess what? You’re full ; )

Good Luck and keep on truckin’…


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