HCG Maintenance Plan


By popular request, this is the basic maintenance plan for the HCG diet.

1st 3 weeks: Low Carb Diet, No Sugars and No Starches

  • Absolutely no sugar and no starches!
  • Follow this completely!   If you cheat during this phase you will probably lose all of the hard work you endured over the

    month you spent on the diet like I did!
  • Good foods to eat on this phase are protein-rich sources such as meats, eggs, hot wings, jerky, low-ish carb fruits and veggies, a few almonds, a bit of cheese, some healthy fats, and some fantastic salads with extremely low-carb dressing such as Ranch dressing and Blue Cheese.

2nd 3 weeks: S-L-O-W-L-Y add sugars and starches

  • This is where I messed up entirely.  Once I got started on the sugars and starch, I overdid it and gained 10 pounds back!  Be very careful on this phase.
  • Slowly add back sugar and starch back into your diet (starchier fruits and vegetables, good whole wheat bread, etc.)
  • The reason you need to be careful and do this slowly is because your body needs time to adjust as the new food is being introduced.
  • Good foods during this time are all the foods listed in the 1st 3 weeks with a little more leniency, any fruits and veggies, a little more dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.), still lots of salads, maybe a little more peanut butter, more milk, low carb/high fiber cereals like Kashi, oatmeal, etc. and your other favorite sugars and starches in very small portions and only one or so a day as the scale allow.

After six weeks, you can go back to normal eating (within reason!)

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