HCG Follow-up

I’m on the HCG Diet again.   This diet has some really positive aspects.   It also has some very negative aspects!

Let me go back a bit.   I stopped the HCG diet a few weeks ago.   The main reason I stopped before hitting my weight loss goal is that I couldn’t take it anymore!   It’s very restrictive and the food gets boring pretty quickly.   After a while, all you can think about is a carrot.   Seriously, I’m not kidding…you’ll get excited over a carrot!   Carrots are not allowed on the HCG Diet.

That being said, it’s pretty much worth it as you go along to watch the scale go down so quickly!
Your HCG is the original provider of the HCG diet

THAT being said, if you don’t follow the instructions for the maintenance plan, the weight will also come back on quickly!   I think you may have gleaned from some of my previous posts that I have a tendency not to read the instructions or to outright ignore them to do my own thing.    I put 8 pounds back on in about 6 weeks time.

And…THAT being said…I’ve lost 6 of those pounds in three days of the HCG diet!  The loss will slow down now to 1/2 to 1 pound a day
rather than two, but I fully expect to be back to the weight where I stopped the diet within two more days.  THIS time, I’m only doing the short phase of 15 days rather than 23.   Also this time, I’m going to do the maintenance plan correctly.    Last time, I decided to try out a couple of other diets instead of doing the maintenance plan.   There are two reasons the weight came back.   The first:  Although I was on another diet, it added carbs right back into the mix and once your metabolism gets used to a lack of carbs, you have to add them back very slowly!

The second reason is that I got tired of dieting and pulled a binge.   Yep, I admit it.   I’m a binge eater.   I won’t be hungry at all but somehow can’t quite stop myself.   I’d gone so long without fun foods that I started eating NOTHING else and a LOT!   Binge eating is one of several eating disorders that we’ll be addressing in a later blog.   We’ll also be featuring an article by a noted psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.

So, I’ve turned back to my old friend, HCG.  I’m very happy that I can quickly recover from a set-back like this and this time I won’t be reporting any setbacks.   I really will follow the directions this time!

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