HCG and Me

I am on the HCG diet. NOT the doctor-supervised, shot-getting, FDA-approved version. I am on the homeopathic version upon which the FDA looks askance.

In the realm of full-disclosure, I felt I should approach this topic right away. The FDA has issued negative statements about this diet plan. Their take is that anyone would lose weight on a 500 calorie diet and that the drops do not have enough HCG in them to create the loss that they claim.
Your HCG is the original provider of the HCG diet

I asked the lab that supplies my HCG about this and received the following response: “The reason behind this has to do with homeopathic theory. The way it works is by starting with a small amount of the actual hormone, and then diluting it several times following a certain homeopathic frequency (6x12x30x60x for example) until all that is left behind is the energy imprint of the substance. This is also known as the “energy signature,” and the process is very normal in the homeopathic industry. It allows consumers to benefit from the effects of HCG without the costly and painful injections, or any negative side effects. The results speak for themselves. Many of our customers who have switched from the injections have claimed that the homeopathic form of HCG has worked equally as effective if not even more than the injectable form.”

I am needle phobic so I’d never do the injections! But I can tell you that I am a girl with a big appetite. Nothing and I mean NOTHING has ever affected my appetite. I’ve tried all kinds of supplements, diet pills, etc and I still found myself to be hungry.

However, the homeopathic HCG drops have worked really well for me! I get a little hungry but not very much so! On any other diet I’ve starved so badly that I couldn’t stand it but staying on this diet has not been a problem for me. It’s restrictive, but I like that. I know what to do and I don’t break the rules so far that I’m not gaining any ground.

I’m also someone who likes to see results immediately. I’m not good at waiting for the results so seeing a pound a day has felt great! So far, I’ve lost 18 pounds. I intend to lose another 10. Stick around, I’ll keep you posted….

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