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We have a little Italian Greyhound named Iggy Pup that we love sooo much!  These are great little dogs and there are a lot of them in rescue.   Foster homes and Fur-ever homes are needed! 

Learn more from the Italian Greyhound Club of America.   As you can see, Iggy likes to snuggle under blankets!  You could have your own snuggle puppy!



Try Belly Dance for Fun and Fitness!!

 This online Belly Dance Magazine has information about classes, teachers, music, and where to buy all those pretty, shiny costumes!


In light of recent hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes and other disasters, we think that Shelter Box is a terrific group and this is one of our favorite charities!

What is in the Box?
At the heart of every ShelterBox is a disaster relief tent for a family of up to 10 people. It  is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall. Internally, each tent has privacy partitions that allow recipients to divide the space as they see fit.   In addition, addition to the tent, there is a range of other survival equipment including thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets, essential in areas where temperatures plummet at nightfall.

Where malaria is prevalent mosquito nets are supplied, as well a life saving means of water purification. Water supplies often become contaminated after a major disaster, as infrastructure and sanitation systems are destroyed, this presents a secondary but no less dangerous threat to survivors than the initial disaster itself. 

Key items included are either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.  This provides the heart of the new home where water is boiled, food is cooked and families congregate. In addition, there are pans, utensils, bowls, mugs and water storage containers.




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