Get your mind off it!

We all know it.   Dieting sucks! We don’t enjoy it, we don’t want to have to do it….and sadly enough, it becomes an obsession.   We obsess about food and the diet itself, we obsess about our body image and we obsess about the food we AREN’T getting!  Take a break and get your mind off it!  Do something nice for yourself.   Take a bubble bath.   Get a pet.  Read a good book.   Go shopping.

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The following pages include some other things to do and also some silly diet comments!

Enjoy yourself.   Life is short!

The Dieter’s Prayer

Daily Dieter’s Horoscope

Fun Links

For a great read, we highly recommend this debut thriller

by our friend, Steve Besecker!

BEWARE:  Worse than Bedbugs!


What is a calorie?
Calories are the little monsters that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter…


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Daily Dieter's Horoscope

by Gianna LeBlanc This weekly horoscope is an overall look at each week’s planetary activity and how it might affect you as a dieter. ©Gianna LeBlanc Under construction!   Please check back later for updates.     For your own personalized horoscope or psychic reading www.giannaleblanc.com

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The Dieter's Prayer

  Dieter’s Prayer #5  Lord, won’t you help me? It’s that time of year. Winter has come and gone. Springtime is here. In this season of flesh, Won’t you show that you care? Lord, won’t you heed This dieter’s prayer. Teach me tonight To love cottage cheese, Grapefruit and celery, Lord, if you please. Make …

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Favorite Books

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bellydance newengland

Favorite Links

We have a little Italian Greyhound named Iggy Pup that we love sooo much!  These are great little dogs and there are a lot of them in rescue.   Foster homes and Fur-ever homes are needed!  Learn more from the Italian Greyhound Club of America.   As you can see, Iggy likes to snuggle under blankets!  You …

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