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Weight Loss and Common Food Myths | The Weight loss Network--Honest Diet Reviews, Weight Loss Tips and Food Journal

The Truth About Common Food Myths

Most of us have misconceptions about food.   We have been told a lot of differing opinions about what is good for us, what is fattening, why we may not be able to lose weight.   Unfortunately, many of those commonly held beliefs are just not true!  Let’s examine some of them…

  1. Red meat is unhealthy.
    1. Untrue.   The kind of meat is not as important as whether it is organic, grass-fed, sustainable meat or conventional.   Conventional meat is to blame for a great deal of our health problems.   Cattle were intended to be grass-fed.   Think about it.   If you really wanted to fatten yourself up, one of the fastest ways would be to eat a diet completely of grain.   Conventional meat is from cattle (and other animals) that are fed grain and soy.   They are given growth hormones to make sure they grow fast enough and large enough to turn large profits.  As a result of their diets, animals become ill and often develop the pathogenic variety of E. coli and other diseases, are
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      administered antibiotics to keep them from getting sick.   The adage “You are what you eat” becomes frighteningly true when you think of the way these animals are fed and what you ingest as a result.   The balance of Omega 6s to Omega 3s in conventional meat is very much out of balance, and eating this kind of meat causes health issues over time.
  2. You should avoid all fats and eat only foods that are low-fat or non-fat!!
    1. Untrue.  Fats contain some of the most necessary nutrients and enzymes for us to maintain all types of bodily functions.   All humans need fats in their diet and it is necessary to your health.
  3. Butter and eggs are bad for your health.
    1. See above.   Fats are necessary!    Eggs are a good source of protein and a slice of butter from healthy pasture-fed cows is not only delicious but provides Vitamins A & D, and K, and also Omega 3 essential fatty acids.
  4. It is too expensive to buy organic, sustainable, antibiotic/hormone/spray/pesticide-free meats and produce and conventional is cheaper.
    1. Absolutely not!  Cheap food is not really cheap – cheap foods are full of chemicals and toxins, and are not really food – so you can eat it all day and not be full. Eating these kinds of foods will actually result in a net deficiency of nutrients that are stored in your body. In the end, you will spend more money for less food, and then you will pay in health costs later.   The cheapest oils like canola, cottonseed and soy are the most unhealthy.  You will find those in every grocery store.   The more healthy oil choices are olive oil, coconut, and palm oils.
  5. Salt is bad for you.
    1. Yes.  And no.   Sea salt s a balance of trace minerals our bodies need, which we currently don’t get from many of the foods we eat.    However,  regular table salt is actually an industrial waste product.  Table salt is toxic to our bodies.  It is mostly comprised of sodium chloride and no more than one or two other elements.
  6. Soy is good for you.
    1. Not necessarily.  Unless it is in fermented form, soy is not a healthy food.  Most of the soy sold on the market is highly-processed, industrial waste – and beyond that can cause severe disruptions in the body in the reproductive, digestive, endocrine, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. Soy milk, cheese, fake meats, most tofu and soy sauces, soy “mayonnaise”, and soy filler ingredients you will find on the market are not good for your health, despite the claims made by food companies on labels.  Good choices for healthy soy are naturally fermented like Natto, tempeh, and miso.

There are many other food myths, but these are a start.   Watch where your food comes from, whether it is natural or processed and you’ve made great strides toward healthier choices!

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