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Weight Loss Surgery | The Weight loss Network--Honest Diet Reviews, Weight Loss Tips and Food Journal

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has helped many people but is not an easy answer. It is a very serious operation with serious risks and nothing to take lightly. It also requires major lifestyle changes. I’ve known two people who have gone through this. For one, it was very successful (but with some complications) for the other it was not.

My friend for whom the surgery was successful had done her homework prior to the surgery and she followed up to the letter. She ate the recommended portions, made certain to have enough protein in her diet and also exercised. The other…well, let’s just say that she didn’t change her lifestyle much thus nothing changed for her. I remember sitting next to her at a wedding reception and noticing that she ignored her green vegetables, saved her entire piece of meat to give to her dog, and ate mashed potatoes and wedding cake. Her results were about what you would expect–little to none!

But let’s talk about the miracle transformation…my successful friend looks amazing now–and leads a healthy lifestyle!
She lives halfway across the country from me so our face to face visits with each other are infrequent. We went to London together a few months after her surgery. She had lost 40 pounds and I thought she looked great! No, she planned on losing another 60 pounds!

Fast forward the better part of a year. She came to Boston to visit me and do go to Filene’s Basement to buy an entirely new wardrobe! (She came with two huge empty suitcases!) I am a short person and I’d always thought of my friend as being about my height. While waiting for her at baggage claim, I realized that this tall, willowy woman was waving at me! It was her! Imagine my surprise to realize that she’s about five inches taller than me! She looked absolutely stunning! I was so proud of her!

But the real revelation for me came during our shopping spree. While in the Basement’s amazing suit department (Oh, how I miss that original store!) she kept picking up size 12 suits. I told her that they were going to be much too large for her so she reluctantly and disbelievingly picked up a couple of 10’s. I knew better and followed her around picking up 8’s in every size.

I kept shoving the 8’s at her but she rejected them. When the size 12 suits fell off, she moved on to the 10’s and seemed to disbelieve the size tags when the 10’s were too big. She said she had never been in an 8, even when she was young. Finally, she tried on one of the 8’s and it looked beautiful! The realization that she had lost enough weight to wear a single digit size hit her hard. She sat down in the dressing room amongst the discarded clothes and cried!

I stood there dumbfounded. This girl was always popular, lively, funny and well-loved by everyone who knew her. I never thought of her as fat. I found myself being very much ashamed of myself that in all the years I had known her, I never knew exactly how my best friend in the world felt about her weight!

I’ve asked her to write her own story about everything she learned from her experience with gastric bypass surgery. I’ll eventually be posting it here. Stay tuned!


Information about the lap band:  http://www.lapband.com/en/learn_about_lapband/

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