Suzanne Somers’ Sexy Forever

Our review: The Suzanne Somers program looks like it has quite a lot of merit.   For many people, this program could be very helpful.   In my case, it wouldn’t work as it would for other people, but, well…as you may have noticed, I have issues.   I’m not patient enough to get rid of all my cosmetics, cleaners, etc for the detox plan.   Also, I take issue with a plan that also wants to sell me things like a colon cleanse.   That’s the point of this site anyway–find the plan that works for you!  All of us are different and have different needs.

The theories behind her program are these:   First–detoxify your body.   Learn how to identify and avoid toxins in the foods you eat, the chemicals in your daily cosmetic products and in your household.  This phase is 30 days.  She recommends changing everything to organic and natural including cosmetics, household cleaners, etc.  There’s also a recommendation to purchase a colon cleanse.   I’m skeptical about that.    Secondly, she helps you to identify hormonal issues that may need correction.  Thirdly, you identify food intolerance and allergies.    In many cases, these truly are hindrances to weight loss and could be
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very helpful!

After identifying these problems and 30 days of detox, comes the part that you need to learn anyway…healthy diet and exercise!   The meal plans and recipes look like they are tasty, healthy and manageable without being too difficult to prepare or requiring a zillion different ingredients.


Suzanne Somers’ will teach you how to lose weight by balancing hormones, detoxifying your life, and eating the right foods for your body. Start her custom diet.

Suzanne Somers


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