Sonoma Diet

Weight Loss Network Notes:

Sonoma Diet - See Results in 10 Days!The more I research and review nutrition and diet plans for this website, the more I like the Sonoma Diet!   I’ve come to realize that each of the food groups has an important function whether it’s a protein or carbohydrate!  We need the nutrients for health and energy so cutting out one entire category of food may help lose in the short-term, however, it’s not teaching us how to alter our lifestyle to live healthy and keep the weight off.

That said, this diet is a lifestyle change rather than a “diet.”  You will lose weight but in a healthy manner while getting all the nutrition that your body needs to function on a higher level.  This plan is easy to follow and can be enjoyed by all members of a family rather than it just being a “diet plan” for you to eat differently than the rest of the family.  Also, it is simple and quick for people with busy lives.   You do have to plan and cook but you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the real world of food!

There are three “waves” of the Sonoma Diet.  The first ten days of the diet will be Wave 1.   During those ten days, you’ll naturally recalibrate your body and turn around bad eating habits.  You’ll notice loss almost immediately!    The main part of the diet is Wave 2.   You will stay on Wave 2 until you’ve reached your goal.   Wave 3 is the maintenance part of the diet where you can begin to add in occasional “bad” indulgences.   The nice thing about it is that there are plenty of recipes for the foods you crave like breads, cheese, and wine so that you never will really feel like you’ve completely cut out eating for enjoyment.

Part of what makes this diet so simple is that you don’t have to measure out your foods or calculate weight.   You will use certain plate sizes for certain meals and fill them with percentages of types of food..protein, veggies, and whole grains.  It’s that easy!

The online plan costs around $6 a week.   There are plenty of tools for you to use including recipes, meal planners, weight-tracker and a food diary.   For a few dollars extra, you can also purchase a plan where you have access to your own nutritionist.  You can email questions back and forth to this person about any health concerns or problems you might have.

If you don’t want to sign up online, you can just click this image to buy the book! It is an easy enough plan to follow without the additional help.  You may also want to purchase the Sonoma Diet Cookbook as well since you won’t have access to the online recipes.

My only real criticism of the online plan is that I feel that their online food diary is rather disappointing.   It doesn’t give you any nutritional information about the food you’re eating.  I suppose that if you’re properly following the guidelines, you know that you’re eating the right foods, but personally, I like the additional assistance of seeing that I ate enough Vitamin A or calcium on a certain day.   If that’s important to you, for about $9 a month, you could add this food and exercise tracker from My Food Diary.

Or, if you want to be REALLY precise (which is what I’m currently doing) you could purchase the BodyMedia FIT armband. BodyMedia FIT tracks the calories burned from all your activities and monitors the quality of your sleep. It has an online food diary and it’s really a great motivator to get your body moving!

Sonoma Diet - See Results in 10 Days!All in all, in my opinion the Sonoma Diet is a winner!  It will help you embrace a way of eating that encourages healthy habits, mindful choices, and an appreciation for the best nourishment available. The success of the Sonoma Diet centers on that the rewards of delicious food, a slimmer waist, and energized lifestyle don’t fade over time as they do with so many “diets,” it truly becomes a lifestyle choice you don’t want to give up!  Since I started testing out The Sonoma Diet, I can already tell the difference changing in my food tastes and choices.   It gets a great rating from The Weight Loss Network!

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