Bistro MD

As promised, I purchased a week’s worth of food from the weight-loss food delivery service, Bistro MD so that I could review it.   The first thing that you do is fill out a questionnaire about your food preferences.  I was able to tell them that I hate fish and to rest assured that I would not have any unpleasant surprises when the food arrived.  You have options of seven days of meals, seven days of meals plus snacks, or just a five
Lose Weight with BistroMD!
day plan so that you can take the weekends to enjoy your own meals.   I opted for five days plus snacks.  The cost of this plan was about $30 per day.    It isn’t cheap, but it is very reasonably priced for what you get for the money.

The food arrived the next day frozen and packed in dry ice.    When I opened it, I couldn’t believe how much food there was!!   Unfortunately, I forgot to tell them that I have a soy allergy so a lot of the snacks had soy.   I called Bistro MD about it and the customer service was absolutely terrific–helpful and took

Spinach ricotta crepes with sweet potato home fries and veggie "sausage"

care of the issue for the future.   The snacks that weren’t composed of soy were pretty good and took care of some of my cravings.

The frozen meals were interesting and filling.   There is a lot more food in them than in other frozen meals like Weight Watchers’ Smart Ones.   I did not feel at all deprived.   I took a photo of my first meal.   It was a breakfast of  spinach ricotta crepes with sweet potato” home fries” and a veggie patty that tasted just like sausage.   Other meals included a Southwestern wrap lunch and dinner of jerk chicken with mango salsa.      Some of the meals were more appealing to me than others, but on the whole the food is good and it’s filling.

After my five days on this diet, I had lost 1 1/2 pounds which is healthy weight loss!     I really feel that  this plan is a very good choice for people who are on the go and who want to have healthy pre-prepared meals!

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