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Food Pantry Needs

Johnna’s note:  A friend of ours who wishes to remain anonymous wrote the following post. I think he makes a lot of very valid points that we all should think about!   Please donate (if you have the means) to one of the listed pantries or to your local pantry.   When so many of us have so much, it’s just not right for anyone to go hungry!

When I was younger, I grew up as part of a poor family. There were seven of us– my mother, father, my two brothers, and my two sisters, and I knew what it was like to go without a meal. My father was a construction worker and my mother a stay at home mom. We lived in Western Massachusetts, where work was scarce for my father and often my father would get laid-off.

I feel this has been one of the main factors in my weight problems. I am a food hoarder. I eat because I am afraid I will not eat again for a long time. I eat bad food because it is comfort food. I have, in the past, eaten cheap food because I could not  afford to buy good healthy food. That is why I support Food Pantries whenever I can–whether with a donation of food, my time or money, and I suggest others do so as well.

Here is a list of food banks who always need assistance. Many times, people donate to these charities in the winter but do not realize that people go hungry in the summer as well. You can help  these charities at any time of the year and your help is needed and very much appreciated, especially in these trying times of financial uncertainty.

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